Adam V.

"ICON does a phenomenal job of keeping your trip organized without feeling too structured. All you have to worry about is showing up and having a good time. Their local recommendations were spot on for what we were looking to do in Scottsdale, especially the morning of golf they set up for us. I’d recommend them to anybody visiting.”

Cortland H.

"Wow, what an awesome trip! First time in Scottsdale and I’m definitely excited to go back. Thank you ICON Itinerary for putting together such a fun, unique and organized experience for my friends and I.”

Maria B.

"ICON was SO helpful in choosing the perfect itinerary for my boyfriend and I on our trip. We were unfamiliar with the Scottsdale area, but the ladies made our trip much more comfortable and fun because of their ideas! My favorite spot was the Canal Club that they recommended we go to for brunch. Not only was it great vibes, but even better food and drinks too! I would HIGHLY recommend ICON, they really know how to pair you up with a good time. Thanks ladies, can’t wait to come back!”

Caroline R.

"Madison and Ryenn approached planning my birthday trip with thoughtful execution and a personal touch. They showed how much they care by taking the time to understand my preferences in food, drink, and experiences and tailored the itinerary accordingly. Ultimately, each and every item on the itinerary amounted to an incredible weekend that exceeded my expectations and left me desperate to stay and now desperate to come back.”

Gina S.

"ICON Itinerary was my saving grace for my first trip to Scottsdale! I was extremely stressed about planning the trip and had no idea where to go. But ICON swooped right in, and not only did I not have to do a thing to plan this trip, but we had the best time and went to all the best spots in Scottsdale! I will definitely be returning and can’t wait to see what ICON Itinerary has in store for the next trip.”

Amanda S. and Mike N.

"ICON Itinerary did an amazing job planning our first trip to Scottsdale, AZ! Anything from breakfast/brunch, lunch, happy hours, dinners, nightcap spots and activities/excursions, they’re on it! Madison and Ryenn made our trip easy, fun and adventurous with various suggestions/reservations throughout Scottsdale. They really take the time getting to know their audience, are incredibly accommodating and take the pressure of planning off your hands! Our trip was seamless and so much more enjoyable because of their hard work. We can’t wait to come back to AZ and know we’ll absolutely be using ICON Itinerary again!”

Lorron J.

"ICON planned a pretty spectacular golf trip for me and my buddies. They did an amazing job setting us up at all the right courses, hotels, restaurants and bars around town. They also made sure we had time in our agenda to relax and recuperate on the days we needed it most. ICON did a great job tailoring the experience specific to our group’s overall personality. The pre-trip consultation ensured that nothing was assumed or forced. That said, we were also able to be flexible when we needed to be. The only thing better than the service at ICON, are the owners that run it. Ryenn and Madison are two of the most positive, attentive, thorough and fun people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’m an avid investor in experiences, but it’s the people behind those experiences that make the difference. I won’t plan another weekend in Scottsdale without ICON. 10 out of 10!”

Lauren D.

"ICON created an organized, seamless and FUN vacation itinerary for our group of 50+ people! They provided us with activities for all ranging from morning hikes to nightlife downtown. Madison and Ryenn were great to work with and went above and beyond. I would highly recommend them to facilitate your next trip to Scottsdale!”

Patrick H.

"ICON planned the perfect weekend for our group. They made all the reservations and did not make us worry about a thing. 5 star service. I will definitely be using ICON for my next trip to Arizona.”

Javous N.

"One of the worst things about traveling to other cities is not getting to experience what the "locals” have to offer due to time constraints or simply not enough knowledge on the ins-and-outs of said city. ICON was able to change that for me. From their knowledge of not only where to go, but when to go, my experience was elevated while I was in Arizona. The ICON team was hospitable, friendly and worked extremely hard to plane experiences around my busy schedule. Whenever I head back to Arizona, I will be sure to make plans with the ICON team to ensure I get the best out of my Arizona travel.”

Gabby P.

"Sam and I had the best time thanks to you two! From the second we landed, everything was planned out so well. Our trip was only two days, but you were able to fit enough in to feel like we were there a week! Your knowledge of the area was phenomenal, every place we went to had plenty of locals and hardly any tourists. It was so nice going on a vacation and having everything planned and done - no hassle with the reservations or planning activities. You two seriously made the trip so worthwhile, I am coming back with my girlfriends! Thank you both!!”